January 16, 2022

Studio 11 Year in Review, 2021

Even with COVID protocols making it unavailable for the first half of the year, 2021 ended up being a busy year in Studio 11. We had 127 sessions booked over the six months it was open, from June-December 2021. It’s great to see (and hear) all the of beautiful music being recorded there. We had rappers, rock bands, country singers, jazz groups, classical music performers, and much more. Some performers used it to record audio of course while others used the space to shoot videos or rehearse for upcoming gigs. Below are just a few recorded works that came out of the stu this year. We look forward to more great jams in the new year!!

Here’s a great track recorded in the studio this year from Smooth Retsina Glow!

Studio regular and very talented fellow Keath Lowry co-wrote and produced this track at his other studio but we’re including it here because Keath rules and you can often find him in Studio 11:

Country crooner Chuck Rissmiller recorded this video in the studio with our friend Bill Duane behind the camera:

Mary Pulanco recorded her portion of this clarinet choir in the studio in a collaboration with clarinetists from all around the world:

Fictional Name is always in the studio:


What will this year bring to Studio 11? Why not book a session for yourself and bring the jams!



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