September 12, 2018

The Golden Age of Japanese Cinema … at BAPL!

Join us at BAPL this fall season for a series of films celebrating the Golden Age of Japanese Cinema. This month we are featuring the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashōmon, showing on Saturday September 15th at 2pm at Main Branch.

Our friend, illustrator and local film buff John Newcomer (@thejohnisjohn) delighted us with this fearsome depiction of Tajōmaru! OR DID HE?! (Actually he did. Thank you John!) As always our films are free and open to the public. Viewing audiences 17+ or with parental discretion

Illustration by John Newcomer

Full series:

  • Sept 15: Rashomon
  • Oct 13: When A Woman Ascends the Stairs
  • Dec 8: Tokyo Story





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