March 10, 2019

“The Next Chapter” — Senior Storytime at YWMCA’s Adult Day Center

Participants in the YWCA’s Adult Day Center Program continue to enjoy BAPL Outreach’s senior storytime, “The Next Chapter.”  The program is simple — an appropriately meaningful story is shared and complimentary activities follow. In January, participants learned the story of the Golden Gate Bridge in Pop’s Bridge and were then introduced to a variety of STEM building toys.  Playing with such toys can be beneficial in aiding fine motor coordination and problem solving – skills that are affected in those suffering from dementia.

In February, participants were delighted with the story of artist Katya Arnold and her real life work of teaching elephants to paint through her elephant conservation project.  After hearing the book Elephants Can Paint Too!, participants were invited to create their own floral paintings – just like the elephants did!