April 27, 2022

Ukrainian Handcraft On Display at BAPL Coolidge

We are very happy to host a beautiful collection of expert handcraft from Ukraine on display at the Coolidge Branch in Bethlehem Township now through June. Roxanne Dew, current president of (local) Branch 91 of the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, was inspired to reach out to BAPL in February, hoping to find a way to share her heritage’s treasures with the community. On display are artifacts from several different regions of Ukraine:
-Dolls from the Poltava region
-Woodwork from the Carpathian Mountains region
-Ceramics from the Hutzal and Trypillian region
-Emboidery from Bukovina and Halychyna regions
-Pysanky eggs from Western Ukraine

Further information about UNWLA Branch 91 can be found on their Facebook page here.



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