June 29, 2018

Vinyl is back at BAPL!

Thanks to some local record labels and musicians, BAPL is excited to offer a new collection of local music on vinyl. There are cassette tapes too! All these bands have a connection to Bethlehem or the Lehigh Valley. Some are new; some are old. Most are punk rock/alternative/weird rock and roll. We hope you enjoy listening to them! The full list is below. It will continue to grow as we work with our local musicians. They will be available for check out like any other library item starting tomorrow (June 30), a day that also happens to be a concert at BAPL with four of our local favorites!

RECORDS (album title/artist)

  1. Wilkum to Pennsylvania (split disc)/ Weston & Digger 
  2. Carpenter Ant / Race To Die ( split disc) 
  3. Sore / Manbeast
  4. Selling Your Soul in a Buyer’s Market / McGarnagle
  5. King Slender/ self-titled
  6. Get to the Chopper / Orphan Donor
  7. Superdooper / Grieving Eucalyptus
  8. Literature / Expert Alterations (split disc) / Literature & Expert Alterations
  9. Defiant Trespass / Cold Like December ( split disc) / Defiant Trespass / Cold Like December
  10. Never Stop Skating / Carpenter Ant
  11. Koala Tea Time / So Much For Best Friends (split disc)
  12. Geek love / Digger
  13. Real-time-ruin / Daywand
  14. Temporary sanctuary / Daywand
  15. Sky of no stars / John Galm
  16. Obsolete / Engines
  17. Crystal Embryo / Sing, Bird of Prey
  18. I don’t even like the smell of it! / Joe Limbus
  19. Population control / Amygdala
  20. Zodiac Chord / Nocht the Only Ghouls


  1. Report directly to the bugler / Daywand
  2. Yod Yammit! / Joe Limbus
  3. Worldwide Lobotomy / Midget Sings
  4. Ant-1 / APF
  5. Peltre / Arnvs
  6. Hell To Pay. EP 1 / Hell To Pay