September 9, 2020

25 Amazing Facts About Libraries (Mental Floss)

Beloved magazine Mental Floss has long been collecting and sharing facts to a huge audience for many years. It now lives on as a popular website still bringing the facts to audiences around the globe. We were delighted to see this list of 25 Amazing Facts About Libraries. Among facts about libraries from Ireland to Finland (where one library has a karaoke room) is your humble BAPL! BAPL made the list!

It’s BAPL Books that caught writer Jake Rossen’s eye, who noted “Not all libraries expect publishers to do the heavy lifting. The Bethlehem Area Public Library has a publishing arm…” We are flattered!  “We made Mental Floss?” said BAPL’s Kate Racculia. “Life achievement unlocked.”

See more about BAPL Books here.
Mental Floss