July 23, 2020

Summer Reading Reviews Continue

Our 2020 Adult Summer Reading Program continued for a fourth week with some great reviews!

Our Week 4 Raffle Winner Aaron G. won a $25 Gift Card to Lorenzo’s Pizzeria in Bethlehem.

Here is an excerpt from Aaron’s great review of Randy Alcorn‘s If God is good- : faith in the midst of suffering and evil.

“Randy Alcorn mentions that his Afterword had originally been intended as an introduction, and it’s definitely interesting to read it after having encountered all the book’s oddities already, because its glimpses into the author’s mind and intentions do feel like they provide the last “puzzle piece” for some of the choices he made that left me confused throughout . . . they don’t necessarily HELP much, but they are interesting. He was obviously aware that he was writing (well, *trying* to write) a 21st-century Screwtape Letters, and it turns out that most of his deviations that made me say “Why would he add/change that? It was definitely better in The Screwtape Letters” were deliberate choices to accomplish an effect. But, well . . . it was definitely better in The Screwtape Letters.”

More information about the reading program can be found here.


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