July 28, 2020

Have You Been Reading This Summer? Submit a Review and Win Prizes!

Our 2020 Adult Summer Reading Program continued for a fifth week with some great reviews!

Our Week 5 Raffle Winner Lois P. won a $25 Gift Card to Nawab Indian Restaurant in South Bethlehem.

Here is an excerpt from Barbara’s great review of Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl.

“Hornby’s Funny Girl is about a fictional ‘60s Britcom and its creators. It’s about the story of a fictional Britcom called Barbara (and Jim). It’s also the story of Sophie Straw who decides not to be Miss Blackpool and leaves Northern England to move to London to be famous. What would the Dick Van Dyke Show look like if it was British and there were more class issues? What would the writers of the show be like if one of them really wanted to be writing more experimental novels? …..It does address issues of sexuality, class and age. And Brit language and swearing. You’re either going to like this sort of thing or it may not be remotely your sort of thing. ….And Hornby fleshes out his characters and ages them in interesting ways. I very much enjoyed it, but it could not be your sort of thing.”

More information about the reading program can be found here.


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